Department of Education building, Washington D.C.
Garrison v. U.S. Department of Education

Fighting lawless student loan cancellations to restore separation of powers

Pacific Legal Foundation filed the nation's first lawsuit challenging the Education Department's unacceptable abuse of executive authority to restore the rule of law and to enforce the Constitution's separation of powers. ...

Michigan Association of Public School Academies, et al. v. U.S. Dept. of Education, et al.

Defending educational opportunity from Biden’s war on charter schools

For many children, charter schools can provide an escape route, or at least a high-quality alternative, when traditional public schools fail them. Research consistently shows that urban charter schools outperform traditional public schools. ...

Department of Justice office in Washington, DC
John Doe et al. v. U.S. Dept. Of Justice et al.

California man with expunged record fights unconstitutional registry rule

John is challenging Congress' unconstitutional delegation of authority to the Attorney General to issue SORNA requirements—a clear violation of the non-delegation doctrine and separation of powers. ...

Federal Trade Commission Cases

Federal Trade Commission ignores Congress and the Supreme Court to extort unfair, unlawful settlements

Three firms are fighting back against the FTC's unchecked power grab to vindicate their right to meaningfully defend themselves in court, hold a powerful federal agency accountable to the rule of law, and restore the proper limits of FTC authority as established by Congress. ...

Duke Bradford, et al. v. Secretary Martin J. Walsh, et al.

Outdoor adventure guides battle the president’s unlawful workplace power grab

Duke Bradford grew up in Nebraska, attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and had law school in his sights. But the pull of Colorado's mountains where he skied once a year as a child was stronger. His two seasons as a snowmobile guide and ski patroller sparked the idea for a rafting company, and in 1998, Duke opened Arkansas Valley Adventures ...