Pacific Legal Foundation has come across too many instances where, as a public interest law firm, we find a place to step in to protect Americans against the violation of their rights by the government. And for the last 50 years, we spent much of our time taking these issues to court. But there are some national issues in PLF’s focus that can be solved by Congress.

For example, we recognize what may be obvious to students of the Constitution, but has often been lost on Congresses of the past: Congress holds the lawmaking power, and it is the duty of our elected representatives to ensure that this, and the other elements of the separation of powers, are respected.

As the premier public interest law firm dedicated to individual liberty, we are proud of our success in the Supreme Court of the United States in vindicating our constitutional rights. Congress has no less vital role than the courts in preserving liberty. Pacific Legal Foundation is proud to help produce an agenda for Congress to restore its proper role, based in our lessons learned in the last half-century, as well as our recent research and legal policy work in the states and at the federal level.

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