KC Transport, Inc. v. Secretary of Labor

Fighting bureaucrats’ nonsensical claim that trucks can be mines

Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation at no charge, KC Transport is asking the Supreme Court to abrogate the Chevron Step One-and-a-Half doctrine and decide the scope of MSHA's authority under the Mine Act, and thus strengthen the separation of powers by limiting MSHA's grandiose view of its own power. ...

Grant Krueger, et al. v. Arizona Dept. of Agriculture

Arizona’s illegally hatched egg rule scrambles livelihoods and poaches rights

Even for Grant's small restaurant group, hiking eggs' cost by even one cent could force Grant either to cut costs elsewhere or raise prices just to pay the bills and keep the doors open. Despite the direct impact on their bottom lines, neither Grant nor any of his fellow restaurateurs had a seat at the rulemaking table. Nor did voters or lawmakers; ...

Frank Black and Southeast Investments N.C., Inc. v. FINRA

Defending livelihood and due process from illegitimate in-house prosecution

Represented in federal court at no charge by Pacific Legal Foundation, Frank is challenging the illegal regulatory scheme that outsources congressional lawmaking, judicial adjudication, and executive enforcement powers to a quasi-governmental organization to restore his due process rights, his livelihood, and the proper balance of power in governme ...

Jeffrey Moats v. National Credit Union Administration Board, et al.

Fighting in-house agency tribunals to restore due process and rule of law

Jeffrey Moats served as CEO for the Edinburg Teachers Credit Union (ETCU) in South Texas for more than 25 years. Under his leadership, the ETCU was almost always the state's top performer among credit unions of all sizes and surpassed every semi-annual state audit. The ETCU's board of directors and ownership (comprised of the credit union's members ...

Catalina Park in Tucson, AZ
Sarra L. v. Faust

Falsely accused mother and child-refugee advocate fights to restore due process and separation of powers

With a quarter-century ban on the work that she loves and her due process rights on the line, Sarra is fighting back. Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation and the Goldwater Institute, Sarra is asking a state court to restore due process protections in administrative hearings and hold government agencies and bureaucrats accountable for their mist ...

survey paperwork form census optimized
Maureen Murphy et al. v. Gina Raimondo et al.

Census Bureau’s unlawful power grab tramples privacy rights and separation of powers

Maureen and John are challenging the Census Bureau's overreach, so no Americans are ever again forced to choose between huge fines and their right to keep their personal information private. ...